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Everyone Wants to Be With You - New Single! 

My new single EVERYONE WANTS TO BE WITH YOU is a catchy love song about a guy trying to conjure up a relationship with a busy woman. You can find the single in your favorite online music store. This song is loaded with background vocals, so I called in my daughter Samantha Klym, who contributed several vocal tracks. Be sure to catch her work in the DFW band Good Latimer.

Diane! New Rick Sal Single Available Now 

My new single DIANE is an uptempo rock song with good old-fashioned power chords. You can find it in your favorite online music store. The song is about a troubled young woman on her way to making bad choices and a friend who tries to help her. Special guest singer is my daughter Samantha Klym, who contributed several tracks of background vocals. Be sure to catch her work in the DFW band Good Latimer. Also playing drums on this track is Milos Delic. I asked Milos to bring on the intensity in the last section of the song, and he pulled it off wonderfully. Give it a listen. You can contact Milos for drum work at

New Rick Sal Single - School Bus Pals 

My new single “School Bus Pals” (under my pseudonym Rick Sal) is a wacky instrumental track influenced by the sound of early video game music from the late 70s and early 80s. Variations of this song will be used as theme music for videos on my upcoming YouTube channel. Click on the "Music" menu above and download the single for free (for a limited time). It is also available for purchase or streaming online at Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and more.  Thanks and Always Stop for School Buses!

Where is the Album? 

Just an update on my album release...  I am still on schedule to release my CD sometime in January 2020.  I've got 2 more songs to record plus mixing and mastering.  I also have to get into shape (like Rocky Balboa, only rounder) before I take my promotional photos.  Otherwise, photoshop will have to be put into action.  In the meantime, I will be releasing a single in the next week or so which is not on the album.  It's a wacky instrumental that will serve as the theme music for my YouTube channel and misc upcoming videos.  Please be sure to join my email list so you will be notified of upcoming releases and events.  Anyone on my email list will also receive monetary discounts and perhaps be registered in a drawing to win a stick of gum (flavor to be determined soon).  Thanks and Always Stop for School Buses.  Regards... RS 

Good Latimer Video Project 

Spent a snowless sunny hot day in DFW last week with Good Latimer shooting video for the song "Go Where It Snows."  After some creative fun, sunburn and dehydration, I made it back to Austin to start the editing process.  No snow here either… but ice cubes with homemade iced tea will suffice.