Where is the Album?

Just an update on my album release...  I am still on schedule to release my CD sometime in January 2020.  I've got 2 more songs to record plus mixing and mastering.  I also have to get into shape (like Rocky Balboa, only rounder) before I take my promotional photos.  Otherwise, photoshop will have to be put into action.  In the meantime, I will be releasing a single in the next week or so which is not on the album.  It's a wacky instrumental that will serve as the theme music for my YouTube channel and misc upcoming videos.  Please be sure to join my email list so you will be notified of upcoming releases and events.  Anyone on my email list will also receive monetary discounts and perhaps be registered in a drawing to win a stick of gum (flavor to be determined soon).  Thanks and Always Stop for School Buses.  Regards... RS 

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