Good Latimer Single - “Then I Will” 

This is one of my favorite songs on the album (listen here:  It’s an uptempo pop rock song written by Aaron Salinas.  Aaron wrote this specifically for Samantha Klym to sing (formerly Samantha Salinas, Aaron’s sister, Michael Klym’s new wife, and also my daughter).  She does a wonderful job singing at the top of her range, switching back and forth between her falsetto voice and regular voice.  It’s really difficult to do, and we spent a lot of time finding just the right key for her to pull this off.  Another highlight for me is the twinkly piano riff Michael Klym came up with in the chorus.  We double tracked a vibraphone instrument on top of his piano to create the effect.  Pay attention to Aaron’s bass guitar work.  The more you hear this song, the more you will appreciate how the melodic bass lines drive and color the song.  Is that a real trumpet you ask?  Why yes it is.  Michael Zaring (we call him Zee) dusted off the cobwebs from his high school trumpet and played a wonderful hook that will stay in your head for days.  And last, my hat goes off to Brian Petry, whose powerful drumming brought life to this song.  He does a wonderful job on the drum fills between sections.  You’ll be air drumming along with him after a few listens.  For more info on Brian’s services, visit him here:

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