The Musical Fork in the Road

Several years ago, as I was going through the process of selling my toner cartridge/printer repair business (, I began working on a solo album.  I was about halfway through the project when my son Aaron Salinas and future son-in-law Michael Klym approached me with a demo they had made using Garageband.  The song was Shout It On Out (first song on the upcoming album).  I was blown away.  The demo was quite raw, but the songwriting and performance were excellent!  I was intrigued, so I asked to hear more.  They came back later with the song Let It Go (last song on the upcoming album), and I was blown away again.  The song was complex yet catchy, with an intro, three repeating sections, a bridge and an outro, all at different tempos and featuring different singers. After that, I just couldn’t sit still.  I decided to put my album on hold and get to work recording their first album.  It was a long process, but we finally pulled it off.  I will detail some of the highlights in the posts that follow.

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