Where Have All The Drummers Gone

The first dilemma we had when the recording process started was the fact that the band did not have a drummer.  Despite an ongoing search, they could not find anyone to Ringo on up.  They also did not like the option of using computer-generated drums.  So, I decided to try the online service Airgigs (airgigs.com).  It’s a great concept which partners up musicians all over the world.  You simply upload a rough track mix with instructions, and the musician adds his/her part and sends the files back to you.  The key is to find the right musician for the song with the skills and equipment to give you a well-played quality track.  Luckily, we managed to secure some great drummers.  I will be going back to some of them for my own album coming out in 2018.  As I talk about some of the songs in upcoming posts, I will be mentioning the drummer we used for each particular song -- just in case some of you fellow musicians might want to use them for your own project.

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